Spring Break Prep

It’s finally March and chances are you’re excited that the snow is melting… Or if you’re in the Midwest, you can’t wait to get out of it. Whatever situation you’re in really doesn’t matter. What really matter is that spring break is around the corner and you’ve more than likely procrastinated. Every year you find yourself saying you’ll save money, work out 5 days a week and eat healthy months before you even buy your plane ticket but just like last year and the year before… Here we are. Down to days rather then months and you’re trying to figure out how you’ll look good on the beach (or better yet in pictures). Luckily for you, I have been in that situation and I’m sure many of you have too. That’s why I’ve created a list of tips and tricks that will make everything look put together.

Disclaimer: These are things I have tried and have worked for me. I am not a nutritionist or athletic trainer.

Working Out

Let me save you the headache and tell you living at the gym a couple days before your big trip isn’t what you need. Huge misconception that if you don’t sweat, you’re not really working out. Just as if you work out 3 hours a day, you’ll lose weight faster. The trick to shedding pounds is actually a lot simpler then people make it. Are you ready for it? Burn fewer calories than consumed. WHAT? Yes. Burn more calories then you eat and eat frequent healthy meals. So the whole idea of eating less and burning more is easy, but people get so hung up on the eating healthy part.

Mistake #1: Eating little to nothing.

  • Believe it or not, our bodies are made of a whole lot of water. And if you’re still in college chances are it’s water and booze. So eating less will only help you lose water weight and muscle mass. Want to do a juice cleanse? Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Mistake #2: Restricting yourself.

  • Balance is always key! When people think of dieting, they most likely think of cutting out all things they love like desserts and high calorie drinks. WRONG! The more you restrict yourself from having these things, the more you want it. And the more you want it, the closer you are to binging on it. Eat 3-4 small meals that are high in lean protein and vegetables. That way you’re consistently feeding your body and keeping your metabolism on its toes!

Become Photogenic

You know those girls that seem to always look flawless in pictures? Eating, shopping, at the beach, in bed or any other random picture on their Instagram that seamlessly gets thousands of likes… Well guess what? They practiced! I promise you that they dedicated time to practicing their poses, angles and smiles. How do I know they practiced? Because I know a lot of the girls behind these massive accounts that make every other girl wonder how can someone be so beautiful! Think about it, if you don’t practice how will you really know what you look like? When you’re on the beach and some random person only wants to retake the picture 2 times? That’s not realistic! Practicing in your mirror seems kind of silly but it pays off! Try angling yourself in the mirror so you can become familiar with how to position yourself. Which leads me to the next big worry… bikinis.

Bikini Season

Spring break is not the only time this will become handy so grab a notebook, take a screen shot or add this link to your homepage! Famous question: How do I look good in a bikini? If only we all only drank water and kale salads right? Well just like knowing your good side, know your body type. What looks good on a 5’10, D cup, 0 waist girl won’t look the same on a 5’3, A cup, 5 waist girl. That’s not to say the 5’3 girl doesn’t have good qualities, of course she does! It’s a matter of finding what they are! Everyone’s body is different so refrain from comparing yourself to your friends or other ladies you might admire. So here are some general tips:

  • Avoid white bikinis! Yeah, sure they look great when you try them on in the mirror. But chlorine and salt water will take a big toll. Not to mention they show every imperfection. We’re talking cellulite! Take it from me and stay clear of them because they pill (small balls of fluff on the surface) and it’s not worth your money.
  • High-waisted will save the day. Think simple when it comes to bottoms. It always looks better when you wear something you’re comfortable and confident in rather than something you saw a VS model wearing but doesn’t really fit you. High waisted bottoms will save you from that awkward bloat or extra baby fat you might be working on. In aid to my everyday workouts, I use Bliss’s Fat Girl Six Pack Toning Gel. It’s not a magical weight-loss gel but it does firm and tone your skin! A must for that extra push when it comes to defining.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.43.39 PM.png

  • Get rid of that bloat! Taking an anti-bloat over the counter will help get rid of that excess water weight and prevent your hands and feet from looking like you’re carrying twins. This will also help you keep a flat stomach even though you’ve had 5 margaritas.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.50.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.46.25 PM.png

  • Bronzer, bronzer and more bronzer. Hit up your nearest Sephora or Pinterest the best DIY bronzer for your skin type. I go overboard when it comes to this because I like to really glisten when I’m at the poolside! I use a bronzing spray that evens out my skin and I also use a body butter to make sure everything is moisturized.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.56.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.58.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.54.29 PM.png

There are a bucket load of other things you might want to consider before getting your boarding pass like budgeting, who you’re going on vacation with and how to make your ‘no make-up’ look last all day. But these are things I find at the top of every girls worry list. I even complied a list of online sites to check out just to make sure you have everything you need. At the end of the day… Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this! Enjoy yourself and what everyone else thinks doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy. Until next time…

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xoxo, B.