Things I learned From My 1st Job

Starting a new job can be just as exciting as it is daunting. But it’s important to know that everyone in the work force, whether it be a self-employed job or gig on the side, has had a 1st day – so you’re not alone! How relieving right? But even though your peers and even your boss has had their first day, it might not take the edge off for you. So here are some pointers and things to keep in mind when going into your new job. Congrats, they picked you!

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Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair

Here we are… In 2019. It’s hard for me to break down what I’ve been through these last couple of years. Not because I don’t remember what’s happened or I’m afraid to talk about it – but I don’t think the English dictionary has words that can explain it. For you to understand. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, losing my sister and best friend, heart failure, CMV, medications, trichotillomania, and depression. Despite all the negatives, I love myself now more than you’ll ever know.

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Spring Beauty Favorites

Hey babes! So spring has been here for a while and I just realized I haven’t really shared any of my favorites. These are my current faves and MUST HAVES! What are your favorite spring beauty products? Comment down below – I love to know what you guys are using. Until next time…

xoxo, B.


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T3 Micro Interchangeable Clip Barrel Iron Twirl Trio

Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer 

OSEA Undaria Algae Oil 

Chanel N5 L’eau Hand Cream 

OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer (Coco Naughty)

ORIGINS Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Protection & Repair Set

MILK MAKEUP Melatonin Overnight Serum 

FRESH Rose Petal-Soft Deep Hydration Lip Balm


Should You Still Be Pitching to Brands During Covid-19?

Should You Still Be Pitching to Brands During Covid-19?

Hello my beautiful people! Staying home and scrolling through Netflix to find a show you have not watched yet is now the norm. I don’t know what week or day it is when it comes to quarantine and everyday seems to be a Friday. After reading a bunch of comments, DM’s and conversations on Facebook it seems like the major question a lot of influencers and YouTubers have is – should I be pitching to brands right now? This is a little complicated because it’s not a yes or no answer. It really depends on the brand, your audience and relationship with the brands you are wanting to reach out to. I’ve formulated 4 things to keep in mind if you do decide to reach out to brands during this time. Again, take this with a grain of salt as everyone’s situation is different.

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He’s Not Into You

He’s Not Into You

It honestly feels so good to be able to write again. It’s not that I haven’t had my laptop or haven’t had the right ideas for topics to write but it’s more of I haven’t had the motivation or real push to write. And I know, you’re probably thinking, “what the hell, why would I take advice on something like this from someone who’s not in a long-lasting committed relationship?” But just hear me out… Sometimes being on the outside looking in, you have a better idea of what reality is and can even bring up some good points. 

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Coronavirus vs. Transplant Patients

Coronavirus vs. Transplant Patients

“Coronavirus kills 9 people in Washington State”…. “Coronaviruses are common worldwide”… “Chinese doctors perform world’s first double-lung transplant for coronavirus victim”… WHAT THE HELL?! I try my best to hold my tongue and watch my language but everyone is freaking out about COVID-19 but this is hell on earth for all transplant recipients – more so heart patients.

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Emergency Room Visit

Emergency Room Visit

Who would have known I’d be in the emergency room on a random Tuesday just conveniently at 1:08am? Probably you. If you’ve been following me on this wild journey, then you know that I’m a frequent flyer at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. I hate to admit it but I know 90% of the cardiac team by first name and even manage to squeeze in impromptu coffee dates with some while picking up refills of my highly-priced medication.

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