Best Blogging Tips For Bloggers

It’s amazing to think that people make a living from blogging. It’s become this phenomenon that is so much more than some dinky website you created in 7th grade to write about your crush in hopes that no one would see it. We’ll call that Sugarcane5987 or something irrelevant to the blog itself. Times have changed and it’s amazing to think that blogs are no longer seen as an online journal but as an advertising platform… A platform for each individuals brand.

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Things I learned From My 1st Job

Starting a new job can be just as exciting as it is daunting. But it’s important to know that everyone in the work force, whether it be a self-employed job or gig on the side, has had a 1st day – so you’re not alone! How relieving right? But even though your peers and even your boss has had their first day, it might not take the edge off for you. So here are some pointers and things to keep in mind when going into your new job. Congrats, they picked you!

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Why I Cut My Hair

Why I Cut My Hair

Here we are… In 2019. It’s hard for me to break down what I’ve been through these last couple of years. Not because I don’t remember what’s happened or I’m afraid to talk about it – but I don’t think the English dictionary has words that can explain it. For you to understand. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, losing my sister and best friend, heart failure, CMV, medications, trichotillomania, and depression. Despite all the negatives, I love myself now more than you’ll ever know.

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Living With CMV

Living With CMV

One of my biggest fears has successfully become my reality. I knew about the possibilities and this was always an acronym that was talked about amongst the doctor visits and kitchen counter top – CMV. How to prevent it, the risks, and all other things involving this disgusting inconvenience were things I knew. But here’s the thing… I never planned for this. CMV never made it to my nightly routine or next Saturday’s plans. How do you even plan for something so uncomfortable? It’s like knowing your destination but referencing a roadmap that doesn’t make sense. CMV was indeed distant cousins to transplant rejection and best friends with misery.

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