Bianca Ebako

I’m currently a double major in Public Relations & Marketing with a minor in Fashion Design and I seek to portray my own personal thoughts and opinions about fashion through my blog. Although I’m born and raised in Minnesota my passion for fashion has also been global.  From Target sale racks to Christian Louboutin I’ve stemmed my fashion from all sources. Nonetheless I’m a thrift store junky and I’m always in for a refashionista look. The name Trending Prosperity comes from life long experiences and goals. “Trending” comes from fashion that is in the now or coming back while “prosperity” stands for what I want to be – successful.

Feel free to reach out to me. I love to hear your thoughts, comments, and ideas. Possible collab? bianca.ebako@gmail.com

The three C’s I live be: Creating. Crafting. Connecting 

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