Should You Still Be Pitching to Brands During Covid-19?

Hello my beautiful people! Staying home and scrolling through Netflix to find a show you have not watched yet is now the norm. I don’t know what week or day it is when it comes to quarantine and everyday seems to be a Friday. After reading a bunch of comments, DM’s and conversations on Facebook it seems like the major question a lot of influencers and YouTubers have is – should I be pitching to brands right now? This is a little complicated because it’s not a yes or no answer. It really depends on the brand, your audience and relationship with the brands you are wanting to reach out to. I’ve formulated 4 things to keep in mind if you do decide to reach out to brands during this time. Again, take this with a grain of salt as everyone’s situation is different.

  1. Be Considerate

I think this is one of the most important things to remember. Just like you, these brands are struggling also. Be gentle and kind when reaching out to brands and refrain from big demands and expectations. When you write your email be compassionate and make sure the brands knows that you are being genuine and selfless. The last thing a brand wants is to fork out a bunch of money and product to someone that is just trying to make a quick buck right now!

  1. Build Relationships

If you aren’t comfortable asking brands to partner with you then I suggest using this time to build a relationship. People naturally want to communicate and work with people they know and trust. If there are brands that you have had your eye on but you don’t necessarily know how you can work with them because of Covid-19 then build a relationship so once we are out of quarantine you can follow up on possible partnerships.

  1. Don’t Expect Big Budgets

In the past I’ve mentioned that you should take gifted product for posts lightly. Just like the brand, you work hard on creating valuable content so you should be compensated for that work. However, keep in mind that we are in lockdown! You can’t expect brands to pour from an empty cup. Now I’m not saying that you should accept only gifted product but understand that brands might not be able to pay for posts or compensate you to the extent you think you deserve. This should be looked at by a brand-by-brand basis. You make the decision because you are the creative director when it comes to budget and what you think your content is worth.

  1. Pitch Future Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you really can’t offer a lot to brands right now so this is a good time to pitch future partnerships and ideas. Come up with feasible proposals to brands that you with to accomplish once this pandemic is over. Plan your blog and social media accounts accordingly with when and who you will be featuring. This is also a good time to reach out to your photographer (if you have one) and start planning! Plan, plan plan! Until next time…

xoxo, B.

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