How Much Is Too Much?

Who am I to say that you shouldn’t be on social media as much as you are? I mean it’s routine for Christ sake. You wake up from the obnoxious sound of your alarm clock and roll over reaching for your phone in hopes of having enough time to get ready for the job that you’re not too excited about. You spend an extra 10 minutes doing thumb aerobics as you scroll through your Instagram feed and refresh the page just one more time to make sure you didn’t miss a specific persons potential story from last night.

I could go on about how you think about what you’re going to post later in the week and how you can’t wait to check Twitter when you get to work because you’re just now remembering how funny some of those tweets are. The point is that we as humans in todays modern day society spend more time socializing through our social media platforms than we do face-to-face and that can cause major problems.

Self-esteem, memory, sleep and human connection are just some of the many issues that social media has put on so many people and the scary thing is most don’t even notice it! I for one have been affected by social media in good and bad ways. So many people have had their social media shattered by the illusion of others’ perfect perception of their lives. But the problem is people only show their highlights and rarely show their struggles. Our timelines are filled with engagement photos, baby announcements and travel milestones. Rarely do we ever see posts about losing jobs, depression, marriage issues or abusive relationships. However, comparing yourself to others on social media by stalking their aesthetically perfect Instagram photos or staying up to date with their relationship status on Facebook could do little to assuage your feelings of self-doubt. Becoming more conscious of the amount of time you spend scrolling through other people’s online profiles could help you focus more on yourself and boost your self-confidence. We all have our struggles so don’t get cloudy judgement by others’ “perfect lives” – nothing is ever perfect.

Human connection is so vial for us to survive – the need for importance and touch. But it can be hard to do so when we’re glued to screens, becoming more acquainted with our friends’ digital facades than their real-life personas. We need to learn to cherish our human connections; the relationships with family and friends. Technology, social media to be more precise, is killing some relationships because some people give their phone and captions more attention than their partner.

So how much is too much? When do you start to notice that you’re comparing your life to those that you follow and perhaps don’t even know. I mean think about it… You’ve been allowing some Instagram account with a person on the other end posting photos of themselves with the idea that they’ve got it together (when they probably don’t). You start comparing your legs, arms, jawline, outfit, where they live, what kind of car they drive, and the people their friends with to what you have, what you’ve been blessed with. STOP IT! You’re trigger more sadness which leads to less happiness and ruined moment-to-moment happiness.

While it’s natural to have some sense of jealous or envy someone’s particular situation, don’t let it consume you. You have complete control on ending this sometimes vicious cycle of constant comparison. Take a step back and enjoy the moments you find yourself in with the people you love. I’m not saying go cold turkey from social media because it does have some positive effects like staying in touch with old friends and family members. But know what enough is enough – for you. Until next time…

xoxo, B.


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