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I am the biggest minimalist that probably ever existed. The idea of having multiple steps to something like makeup sounds very unappealing and I’m most definitely not interested. Kristen from Total Beauty completely agrees with me – “When it comes to face makeup, most of us will go to amazing lengths in order to find that perfect product. That one foundation, powder or concealer that completely hides spots, minimizes lines and creates an overall flawless finish. (Does one such product even exist?) We will spend a ton of cash — maybe not on one product, but on the hundreds we’ve tested in a lifetime — read reviews until we’re dizzy and, of course, allow makeup artist after makeup artist to convince us that their product is the best.” Well I’m no makeup artists or makeup guru with millions of subscribers on YouTube, but when it comes to setting powders I can tell you wholeheartedly that I seriously LOVE Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder.

Talk about a holy grail for medium to dark skin tones! I know theres a little bit of a “battle of the powders” when it comes to the makeup world and who’s using what, but using the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder in the Buttercup shade is a no-brainer! I struggle with combination skin and find myself looking really shiny (some would say greasy) by mid-day but this setting powder takes all oil presence away. Not to mention, it’s flash friendly so you don’t have to worry about flash backs from photos (I mean who doesn’t hate that white cast photos create with other setting powders).


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Sacha Cosmetics is a cruelty free company and very budget friendly in the sense that they’re the middle-man. They are Covergirl’s older sister but not playing with Burberry Beauty. You get way more than what you pay for and you won’t be looking for extra dollars when rents due! So how exactly do you use this flash-friendly setting powder?



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Sacha Cosmetics explains the process very easily and hassle free by saying, “Apply with a powder brush on bare skin or use to set your foundation for the most sophisticated, matte finish with zero flash-back.” For any makeup guru and even those who are new to the makeup world, YouTube is always a good place to start for tutorials. With so many women having different skin types, wants and needs, I feel like YouTube provides good reference. Plus, Sacha Cosmetics has an outstanding reputation on that platform. So maybe you haven’t found a product or brand that you love? Try Sacha Cosmetics and see for yourself… I’m not the only one that claims this brand is winning amongst a sea of mediocre face products. Until next time…

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