The Weekend of Turning 24

We have made it to the official year – Kobe year! Although my birthday was actually on a Thursday, it was only right to extend it into the weekend. It’s crazy to think that I remember my 18th birthday like it was last Wednesday and it’s even more bizarre to think I wasn’t suppose to see 22 (I proved them wrong).

While I was given many options on how to spend my birthday weekend, I wanted to stay close to home and really enjoy my own company. I decided to stay in my hometown of Minnesota but with a twist. I didn’t stay at my parents house and lounge on the couch (although that could have saved me gas) but I decided to take a mini “getaway” downtown.

IMG_0131_Facetune_27-01-2019-16-53-33.jpg Photographer: Mikhaela Denny

This is a sponsorship with Elliot Park Hotel and Zen Experience Massage & Wellness

Elliot Park Hotel, Autograph Collection

I was so blessed to be able to spend the weekend at Elliot Park Hotel right off of Fifth Ave… Talk about an experience! I have stayed a various hotels for an array of occasions but this time was different. I really got to indulge in everything Elliot Park Hotel had to offer it’s guests and I was treated nothing less than a princess. Spending two nights in their Penthouse Suite was very eye opening. Apart from the decorative pillows in the living room space, it made me experience the type of lifestyle I aspire to live – luxury.



 Photographer: Mikhaela Denny

I think I really enjoyed my time at Elliot Park Hotel because I got to spend time with myself. Being an influencer is hard and can be extremely exhausting at times. Constantly having to come up with creative content and delivering things your readers want see and read. Not to mention staying true to your brand (yourself) and inspiring. As they always say, you are you’re biggest critic and I feel that with my whole sole. The Penthouse Suite is located on the 8th floor, the top floor and it showed just that. It made me appreciate all of the disappointments I faced on my way here – to the top.



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I spent my first night unpacking and talking to Alexa about how to find my hygge. She told me it was a simple concept of enjoying the ordinary and finding comfort and warmth in that thing and that moment – which was exactly what I was doing. I embraced the ability to just relax in this amazing space. The soaking tub, florescent lighting, granite counter tops… to the Elliot Park signature scent – so golden.


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Zen Experience Massage & Wellness

Aside from staying in a PENTHOUSE (I know, insane) for a weekend, I was able to really relax at Zen Experience Massage & Wellness. Now being a Minnesota native and a sucker for spas and places that bring you nothing but zen, you would think I would have already been here – wrong! My cousin Deanna and I got to relax with essential oils and dimmed lights while enjoying a 60 minute massage by two amazingly talented women. You know how they say the mom & pop places seem to always have the best food or customer service? Well that same theory applies here.

Located at Southdale Center in Edina, MN it’s completely (well not completely) hidden. To all you Minnesota people, it’s right off of the escalator going down from Cheesecake Factory. While it looks like a tiny hole in the wall to the average Joe, it offers much more than that. I was impressed and beyond satisfied with everything they offered me and Deanna. The sign in process was simple with just basic background information. I loved how they asked detailed questions about what we both do for work and things we’d like to be worked on. Upon leaving, Deanna made a follow up appointment with her massage therapist while I tried not to fall asleep as I looked for tip money. I 10 out of 10 recommend this place. If possible I would pay my rent money to all the amazing ladies that made my Saturday that much better.

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The weekend I turned 24 was one to remember. I tried my best to stay off of my computer and out of the future but more in the moment. While it was work related and emails needed to be checked to meet deadlines, I really enjoyed myself and my own company thanks to Elliot Park Hotel and Zen Experience Massage & Wellness. It felt so good to not only unwind but wake up to the city skyline. Big thanks to the amazing staff at Elliot Park Hotel, the women at Zen Experience, the bottle service girls at Gold Room Restaurant & Lounge, and everyone that spent this amazing milestone with me. Until next time…

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Photographer: Obadiah Montague

xoxo, B.

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