Best Blogging Tips For Bloggers

It’s amazing to think that people make a living from blogging. It’s become this phenomenon that is so much more than some dinky website you created in 7th grade to write about your crush in hopes that no one would see it. We’ll call that Sugarcane5987 or something irrelevant to the blog itself. Times have changed and it’s amazing to think that blogs are no longer seen as an online journal but as an advertising platform… A platform for each individuals brand.

There are a lot of steps and tips you can take when it comes to how to start a blog, what online platforms to use, how to monetize it, etc. However, this is more so for the people that have purchased their domain, have content ready to post or have already posted, or perhaps are getting back into blogging or have been doing it for awhile and just want some extra pointers.

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Blogging is very much an extension for influencers and other media socialites. Think of it as Twitter without the character max or Instagram with more opportunities than just hashtags. With that in mind, it’s very important you talk to your audience and deliver things that your audience would be interested in. The easiest and most effective way for your audience to grow is to keep things transparent across all social media platforms (more importantly your blog).

Piggy-backing off of that idea it’s super vital that you understand your audience. If you’re main objective is to target people who are interested in skincare, than research those people. Ask them on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook what they’d like to know about skincare. Another good way to research your audience is to read about your audience. There are so many forums that target specific topics and those will be major jackpots to your business.

So lets say you have your target audience figured out and you’ve recently started posting content – awesome! Not that you’re creating some traction and people are reading your posts, keep things going. It’s very easy to get ahead of yourself and obsess over followers/ readers. You have 10 followers… Now you need 15, now 50, now 200, and so on and so forth. Learn to appreciate the following you have an interact with them. Once you master that more followers will come.

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Last but not least stay consistent. I have been blogging on and off since 2016 and I can say this is the hardest thing for me to master. I feel as though I’m consistent for 2-3 weeks and I get distracted or discouraged because I’m not growing as fast as I want or I get writers block. The best way I’ve learned to overcome this is to journal your thoughts. I have a note in my phone specifically for blogging – for Trending Prosperity. It’s where I keep my thoughts on posts I’m working on and future projects I want to accomplish. Consistency is key because believe it or not your readers/ followers aren’t constantly thinking about you. If you’re not putting content up that’s in their face, you can’t expect to stay relevant. Think out of sight, out of mind! It’s much easier to lose traffic than to build it up. And remember to stay true to yourself because authenticity is everything. Until next time…

xoxo, B.



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