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Happy Tuesday! I know something like this is long overdue so I figured I’d give it to you now. Minnesota is bipolar with the weather (per usual) so I finally decided to sit down and update you guys on what’s been going on in my life. I’ll try to keep it short but if you’ve been following me this past year, you know I can get a bit wordy.

Questions keep piling up in my DM’s and I’ve been overwhelmed. I’m updating you not only because some of you are genuinely curious, but because there is a lot that most of you don’t know. That isn’t to say I’m not the same person you knew 6 months ago but just as expected ever so often, things change – and so does life.

Why haven’t you been blogging?

To be honest, I felt like I didn’t really have much to say. It wasn’t writers block or lack of motivation. I just had so much in my head and I didn’t know how to type it all out. For those of you who are in the social media world and even those who aren’t too familiar with it, bloggers go through phases. Some of you don’t know this because you see me in public and we have a very surface level relationship, but it takes a lot for me to tell the world my personal secrets. I plan on coming back with amazing content but I also truly believe that there are seasons for silence.

Are you going to med school and if so, when?

A while back I blurted out that I was planning on going to med school and actively studying for the MCAT. While that was true, it’s not entirely true anymore. Do I want to go to med school? Yes. Do I still want to be a cardiologist with a speciality in advance heart failure? No doubt. Will I be a med student within the next year? More than likely not. The reason why I say this is because these dreams and ambitions are still true but like everyone’s path, things are subject to change. I’m still actively studying on my free time for med school but I’m in no rush to be a cardiologist. They say the average person changes careers at least 3 times in his or her lifetime and right now I’m not ready to make that career switch. I know this may disappoint some of you and even take others by surprise. However, I still want to fulfill all my other dreams. Business and fashion was my life before things took me by surprise and there are still so many opportunities I want experience in that field. This doesn’t take away from my want to become a doctor, I just don’t plan on being one right now. One thing at a time…

Where are you currently living?

A city girl at heart but born and raised in the Midwest. I said goodbye to my 10th floor Manhattan apartment several months ago and have been living in Minnesota ever since. I’m blessed to not only have both parents in my life but supportive parents at that. I’ve been living at home with mom, dad and Chloè (my 6 pound dog) for the past year and while it has its downs, it has definitely helped me get my ducks in order without worrying about next months light bill. I don’t necessarily plan on moving back to NYC but I will be visiting frequently come 2019. Living in the city was a big part of my personal and career success but that’s a book I no longer read. Life is a series.

How is life post heart transplant?

This really depends on the day that you ask me. I’m two weeks away from my 1 year mark and I’m just now feeling as though I can speak about this and not bring my readers all over the place. I’ve adjusted to having to take medication ever 12 hours and 80% of sensation has come back to my chest. I think some people are under the impression that once you get a transplant, things go back to normal. Well… things were never “normal”. I had aggressive congestive heart failure for 8 months before getting a heart transplant so I guess I never really knew what normal was. Prior to those 8 months I thought I was healthy but my heart failure was more or less in the back seat. Receiving a transplant is like exchanging one set of baggage for another. This isn’t to down play transplants because they are far more then a blessing, but I’m trying to help you understand that it’s a long journey. Some days I’m so happy that I can do the things I do and other days I don’t get out of bed. My donor is someone I hold close to me (literally and figuratively) and I’ve never loved someone like this before. I’m living for two people, two families, two sets of friends… and I will always be a transplant patient. Until next time…

Xoxo, B.

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