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Hi beautiful people! I’m so happy you’re back and if this is your first time, welcome and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date. As many of you know I spent majority of my junior year of college living in Midtown Manhattan (dreamy, I know). And while it was hard getting rid of my over-priced 500-sqft studio apartment, I’m glad to be based back in the Twin Cities. Minnesota has always been home and while it has its many downs like cold winters, it has its hidden gems nonetheless.

When most people think of Minnesota they have their assumptions of how Minnesotans behave and of course things they’re known for saying. For example, “Minnesota Nice” because of course all Minnesotans would cancel plans just to help a stranger out. Better yet there’s no such thing as a quick goodbye to Minnesotans. If you’re not from Minnesota, it’s best you prepare to stay another 10 to 15 minutes after the third goodbye. Amongst all other corny Minnesota stereotypes, there are plenty of things this state (and cities in particular) have to offer. Lets talk Minneapolis!


Chambers Rooftop

Home to the Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves – cool right? But what seems even more foreign is the vast variety of places to lay your head at night that aren’t crazy expensive. I was lucky enough to team up with Loews Minneapolis and experience all that Downtown Minneapolis has to offer.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for any statements made about Loews Minneapolis. This is an honest review!

Loews Minneapolis is located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis right off of 1st Avenue! With everything just a walk or Uber away, it’s extremely convenient when it comes to getting around to numerous events. During my 3-day stay, I took advantage of the restaurants and coffee shops in the area such as City Works and Starbucks (located on the first floor of Loews Minneapolis). But apart from the food options and location, what really got me was the hotel itself!


Encore Suite bedroom view

Loews Minneapolis gets a 10/10 hands down on all aspects! Customer service throughout my stay was nothing less than exceptional which is something I really value especially moving back from such a cold shoulder, one for all city like Manhattan. During my stay, I snoozed in their Encore Suite and people… it was a DREAM! I’ve traveled in and out of the county many times over the course of my 23 years on this earth and never have I been received the way I was at Loew’s Minneapolis. Located on the exclusive Penthouse level, the Encore Suite is a one-bedroom suite that has everything a traveling guest would want. Wet bar, living area, rain shower… Must I go on? And the view is beyond amazing overlooking Downtown Minneapolis.

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Whirlpool jacuzzi in Encore Suite guest bathroom

When I tell you Loews Minneapolis seems like a dream, I’m not lying! Offering genuine service is what their all about. They will take care of your missing button and give your shoes a complimentary shine while you wait! Concierge is amazing at giving directions (I know this firsthand) and will even assist you when making dinner reservations. Some of the additional services and amenities they have are the Business Center, Embury Spa and Fitness Center.



When it comes to not wanting to leave the hotel, Loews Minneapolis has it covered. The central hotel “living room” is the Apothecary Bar & Lounge, which is located in the hotel lobby. In addition, they have Cosmos and Releve when it comes to needing a good glass of wine, breakfast and dinner. Being the big foodie that I am, I love that Loews Minneapolis has partnered with the best local restaurants and created Flavor Minneapolis. Bringing you city culture and neighborhood food scene right to you is what it’s all about! Their partners are Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, The Herbivorous Butcher, and Mademoiselle Miel.


Apothecary Lounge located in lobby

The idea of Minnesota being filled with ordinary people and basic offers is far from an educated thought. Having so much to offer, Loews Minneapolis is my go-to hotel when it comes to needing a getaway. And the best part is they’re located in other locations too such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Miami Beach just to name a few. Kick off your shoes and relax your feet with Loews Minneapolis. Until next time…

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Encore Suite bedroom view

xoxo, B.

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