I’m Changing Careers

I never thought I’d be doing this… Yet alone be telling you about the hardest yet most rewarding decision I’ve had to make. As I mentioned in my newsletter, I’ve decided to take a different route in terms of my career choice. For those of you that have been with me from the beginning you that becoming a successful Fashion Publicist has always been my dream. I mean heck I went to Iowa State University and studied Marketing and Public Relations with a minor in Fashion Design. But before I come clean with what I’ve been looking into, lets get into the facts. Who and why do people change careers?

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Over the span of a lifetime many people take multiple routes when it comes to their careers. Discovering new interests, change in career goals and values, flexible hours, and the idea of making more money are just a few. But before anyone decides to make that decision, it’s important to take evaluate the current situation and to change to a career that will be more satisfying. After reading many Forbes articles, talking to young professionals and exploring my own interests, I’ve broken the career changing process down into 3 basic steps.

1. Evaluate Your Current Job Satisfaction – Everyone’s career journey is different just as everyone’s necessities are different. For some, money is the most important factor when deciding if the current career their in is worth the stay, while as self-satisfaction may be utmost important for another. The point is it’s important to assess the situation based on your needs and values. What’s important and what’s not?

2. Get Personal – While this means getting in tune with yourself and finding your meaning to life, this also means connecting with those you know that may already be in the field you wish to get into. A good source of contacts for informational interviewers is your college alumni career network. LinkedIn is another great resource for finding contacts in specific career fields of interest.

3. Upgrade Your Skills – Whether your current career connects with your dream career or not, you need to take the steps that will led you to your next big breakthrough. For instance, if you want to be a lawyer it’s a good idea to start small such as being a legal assistant at a law firm or taking into law classes that will get you familiar with the terminology.

These steps are not in any specific order but rather steps I’ve taken and will continue to take as I move toward my new career! After taking rigorous classes in college, packing up my apartment and moving to Manhattan spur of the moment, experiencing all that New York Fashion Week has to offer and eating at the best restaurants with the top editors in the fashion industry, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not where my heart is. I know I’ll always have an eye for fashion and will stay up-to-date with Balenciaga and the rest, but I’ve experienced too much the past 2 years to stay blind-sided.

Receiving a heart transplant on October 5, 2017 changed my life. I’m taking a turn and pursuing medical school. I plan on becoming a cardiologist with a speciality in Advanced Heart Failure. This is my calling and this is my platform. My social media accounts and Trending Prosperity will stay the same, but don’t be surprised if you see scrubs here and there! Until next time…

xoxo, B.


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  1. Love you B! Let your personal experience as a patient drive you to be an amazing physician. Proud of you.

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