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Wardrobe Essentials You Should Have By 30

You asked and I listened! I’m finally back with the highly requested wardrobe emergencies! Now just so we’re all on the same page, there is shopping on trend and being trendy. They sound so parallel but there is a fine line between the two. I shop on trend and I find that it’s the best way to put together any wardrobe.

Being on trend means you add pops of color to your closet while making sure they’re classic pieces. A good example of this would be adding this springs ‘must-have’ color pink lavender to your closet in the form of a scarf, duster jacket or blouse. Being trendy is buying something of-the-moment simply because it’s of-the-moment (regardless if it works for you or your body type). Don’t fall victim of this because a lot of mistakes can be made and money can be wasted. So without further adieu and just incase you missed Elle Magazines article, these are the wardrobe essentials you should have by 30!

If only we never got sick of our closet and could avoid the “I have nothing to wear, I have everything” moments all together. Now I can’t promise you that these staples will solve world hunger but it might save you some money and headache in the morning or any time you need something to wear (like those last minute happy hours). These essentials are the foundation of a classic wardrobe but like I always say, not everything is for everybody. Tailor these suggested pieces to your personal needs. And remember, getting dressed should be easier, but so much chicer.

White Sneakers

Who doesn’t love a good running shoe? Or even better… a sneaker that goes with everything! Classic white kicks will be your life saver when it comes to pairing an outfit with your “no-makeup” look. The go great with cropped slacks, skinny jeans, skater dress and all the above. Lately everyone seems to be on the bandwagon of Adidas. What’s your staple brand?

ASOS Lace Up Sneakers In White; asos.com Shop ASOS

H&M Sneakers; hm.com Shop H&M

Black Ankle Pants

Think Audrey Hepburn… You may not have idolized her as much as your college roommate or you may not even know who she is. But let me enlighten you, that woman knew the power of an ankle-grazing trouser. Need something that’s a little dressy and not jeans? Say hello to your new best friend!

Sloan Skinny-Fit Solid Pant; bananarepublic.gap.com Shop Banana Republic

Rag & Bone Simone Pants; shopbop.com Shop SHOPBOP

Diamond Studs

Chances are you already have a pair…. for five! Either way, these bad boys (even faux ones) are a class act at any age!

14K White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings; diamondstuds.com Shop Diamond Studs

14K White Gold Swarovski Round Stud Earrings; macys.com Shop Macy’s

Duster Jacket

A staple for any girl boss, the duster jacket is so versatile. It can be worn as a jacket or an evening cover up. It’s lightweight layer is key to leveling up any outfit. Opt for tailored duster coats to keep your workwear style every inch boss babe worthy.

Hover over photos for outfit details

Camden Duster; revolve.com Shop Revolve

Eva Button Front Longline Duster; boohoo.com Shop Boohoo

Cashmere Crew Neck

Ahhh, I know what you’re thinking! “Cashmere = money and that money is something I don’t have”… I totally get it but think long term! Plus, you don’t need a D&G cashmere crew neck to achieve the look. Sometimes you have to invest in yourself and that’s not a bad thing.

Cashmere Crewneck Sweater; jcrew.com Shop J.Crew

Rag & Bone Ace Crewneck Cashmere Sweater; bergdorfgoodman.com Shop Bergdorf Goodman

Silk Blouse

This is perfect for the days you feel bloated but you still want to look put together. Own one in every basic color because you can wear them all year round! And if you’re really up to it, get one with a retro-yet-timeless print.

Patterned Silk Blouse; hm.com Shop H&M

Vince Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt; saksoff5th.com Shop Saks Off 5th

Classic Leather Belt

Lets move past the times where you hiked up your pants with a shoelace. A classic belt polishes everything… especially the basic jeans and a t-shirt look. At work, after work, on vacation, running errands – it always works! That’s why it’s an essential.

Medium Perfect Leather Belt; madewell.com Shop Madewell

Bowman Hip Belt; revolve.com Shop Revolve

Ballet Flats

The OG shoe is the ballet flat. Regardless if you did ballet as a kid or not, this is something every woman should have amongst her shoes! Finding the perfect (comfortable) pair is key! What’s the point in getting ballet flats if you can only last in them for 2 hours max? Exactly.

Ballet Flats; gapfactory.com Shop Gap Factory

Sam Edelman Fritz Leather Ballet Flat; nordstromrack.com Shop Nordstrom Rack

Staple Bag

Let’s say a fashionista who’s just beginning to dip her toes into the world of handbags has a little money to play with. While she loves bold prints and statement bags, she wants to start off her handbag journey making wise decisions – I don’t blame her! Ever since I packed up my Manhattan apartment and left New York I’ve been obsessing over Gucci. I don’t know if it’s because I worked with their public relations team or their new creative director is just hitting the right spots. Either way, Gucci has rebranded, done a 180 and is here to stay. So spending $800 on a bag isn’t your cup of tea? I get that too. Just invest in something that won’t lose value… I mean, that’s why I shop at these fashion houses. Quality of quantity my dear.

Hover over photos for outfit details

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag; chloe.com Shop Chloe

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Carryall Bag; saintlaurent.com Shop Saint Laurent

The secret to all of this? These pieces can be brought into every season! And the best part is that their a great foundation to go off of. This list is a great starting point for all women that are cleaning out their ‘adult’ closet or those that are starting from scratch. Again, always fine tune the things you need because what Adriana Lima is wearing might not be for you. Until next time…

xoxo, B.



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