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Gucci Gang

This Fashion House has been recognized since 1921 when it was founded by the Italian fashion designer Guccio Gucci. To features in Vogue, making its landmark on Fifth Ave, being led by creative director Tom Ford, and producing it’s first men’s scent, this label has done nothing but set milestones for years to come. After celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2011, this brand has only gone up in recognition and sales since then.

New creative director Alessandro Michele has taken everyone by surprise over the past 2 years with his freaky menagerie of ideas like zoo animals and ‘70s wallpaper patterns. Phenomenally bold, immensely existing, industry famed and quite frankly the “hottest label on earth right now” – Gucci.

Now that we know everyone and their mother is obsessing over Gucci the only questions left are how and why. How can one fashion house (that’s been around for decades) blow up so quickly? Ruby Abbiss from The Fashion Law even says, “Everyone who ever felt like a weird kid, or too smart to be popular, or totally out of sync with the jocks can wear Gucci and feel like they’re finally cool.” So how is Michele doing it? Well, timing is everything. With brands taking advantage of the use in social media, Instagram influencers are having a big impact on what to buy and who to buy. Paid or not Gucci seems to be featured in everyone’s caption. Having highly acclaimed online influencers wearing their pieces on a day-to-day basis can account for a good portion of Gucci’s success. Not to mention Gucci has a very strict mindset when it comes to discounts and sales. Unlike other fashion houses that have quarterly sales and outlets, Gucci only invited select customers to partake in their sale – talk about exclusive. This also makes the brand more desirable, which thus pushes customers to buy full-price.

Who would have known Gucci would make sure a dramatic turnaround. The brand definitely turned ‘he said, she said’ into reality. Jim Moore from GQ says, “Every so often, a designer creates clothes so inspiring they push fashion in a whole new direction, and right now that designer is Alessandro Michele of Gucci. In the year since he was named creative director, Michele has completely re-imagined the storied Italian fashion house. His clothes are younger. Bolder. Wilder. The new Gucci is such a phenomenon that its revamped stores can’t seem to keep anything in stock longer than a couple of days. All hail the new king of cool and the raddest clothes on the planet.”

That Fashion Law says, “The demand for the new Gucci is undeniably present. What is not quite as straight forward is why. Is it that the market is really taking a turn for less-is-more in terms of what is deemed sexy (which is the Michele for Gucci aesthetic in a nutshell), or is there more going on here? It seems obvious that the latter is the case. Sure, it can likely be said that the sleepy sexy look and gender fluidity that Michele is pushing are resonating with consumers, but there is a lot more going into the house’s revamp than a change in aesthetic.” So how does Gucci have such a big aura? The difference between the brands dip in 2008 compared to now is that it has diversified. Gucci has grown tremendously in countries like Singapore and Brazil. But how big can you grow? Is Gucci just every fashionistas current trend or is it here to stay? You be the judge. Until next time…

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