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Everything Organic feat. Earth Tu Face

Surprisingly enough we’re in November and I’m starting to reflect on all the outrageous things I’ve seen and experienced. There are so many trends that are new or either found there way back. And while I love to talk about fashion and show you guys how I like to mix n’ match these trends, I’m a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re a regular to my page or this is your first time (welcome), you know that 2017 was a hectic year for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe that living healthy is such an amazing thing. But putting healthy things into your body is just as important as putting healthy things on your body.

I want to break things down into three categories: Physical, mental and emotional. From a phsycial standpoint there are so many YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest boards that display how to live a healthy lifestyle. From a mental and emotional standpoint we are constantly exposed to different support groups, meditation classes and medications that, once again, display how to live a healthy lifestyle. But how do you tie all of these things together and create a fulfilling life?

Sometimes it’s important to ask yourself ; “What am I doing?”, “Who am I surrounding myself with?”, and “Is this a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle?” I used to be the spitting image of the college undergrad that would stay at the bars until bar close and hang out with people who only wanted to know if I knew of any parties next weekend. But then I realized I was living my life for them and not for me. I would go out for the simple fact that I had FOMO (fear of missing out) or because all my friends were going out so I had to be there. I soon enough realized that going out all the time was no longer my style – I’m a homebody. Now there are other things you should consider in regards to living an organic life besides going out such as your job, family time, and religious involvement. Personally, my social life effected all 3 aspects. I was working out daily but that didn’t matter because I was heavily drinking 3 times a week and the days I wasn’t drinking, chances are I was at Mcdonalds or some other fast food restaurant!

Physical. The best advice I can give you is do what’s right for YOU! Everyone’s body is different so everyone’s tolerance and progress is different. I see all too often that girls will indulge into certain diets and expect the same results at the end of the challenge but be disappointed that they don’t look like there Instagram fitness idol even after all efforts to cut sweets out of their diet. The truth is that Instagram idol has more than likely been into fitness for a long time and has also tried things that just didn’t work for him or her. Just like you trying that new diet. And that’s okay! The cool thing is that there are so many things you can do and alter that will work for you. Getting physically fit is a long journey and no matter what anyone tells you, there is no magic pill or overnight drink that will make you look like the girl or guy you obsess over. It takes time, trial and error. Mix n’ match different workouts to tailor to your lifestyle. Here are so tips that never seem to fail:

– Stay hydtated! Drinking water is essential

– Inspiration… Establish why you’re getting in shape

– Don’t obsess over numbers. Remember that it’s about how you feel not what the scale says. Plus, muscle weighs more than fat!

– Set REALISTIC goals!

– Clean up your diet. Getting in shape is 80-90% diet! If you’re constantly eating like crap, guess what? You’ll feel like crap and look like crap.

What you put on your body is just as imporatnt as what you put in your body! I recently teamed up with Earth Tu Face and combined the perfect skincare that works best for my skin now that places are cooling down. I’m currently using their Balancing Hydration Blue Chamomile + Carrot Seed Face Oil at night to hydrate and repair my face of any natural oils it’s lacking. Their Coconut Body Butter is super hydrating and nourishing to the drier areas like your elbows and heels. And their Organic Lotion is great for everyday use! I’m a big advocate for natural products and couldn’t be happier that I use a plant-based skincare line such as Earth Tu Face.

Mental. There are so many mental illnesses that can be a challenge to overcome day-to-day. I for one suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and Trichotillomania which can be harder some days than other. But there are so many resources available that can help stablize mental illness. Even if you’re not a fan of medications or talking to someone about your troubles, there are holistic routes you can take:

– Aromatherapy! Oil diffusers have worked for in the past and even when I’m relaxed and not having a panaic attack I still find myself using things such as lavendar and spearmint roll-on oils.

– Journaling is a very good outlet. I encourage you to write down 3 good things that happened daily before you go to bed. All too often we look at the negative things in our lives and forget about the good. Do this for 2 weeks and I promise by day 5 you’ll see yourself notice more positive things happening.

– Get natural sunlight. Getting atleast 15 minutes of natural sunlight has been proven to increase people’s postiive attitdues.

– Be active! Getting atleast 20 minutes of physical activty whether it be biking, yoga, or running, it increases blood flow which increases the “feel good” endorphines.

Emotional. What is emotional health and how is it different from mental health? Good question! Emotional health is sort of an unbrealla that ties everything together. People who are emotionally healthy have control over their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. So how do you actually become emotionally healthy? Emotional health is a skill – just like all things. Again, I want to revisit the idea that things take time and certain things will work for other people that won’t work for you and viceversa. But here are some good pointers that have helped me in the past and I hope they help you:

– Be aware of your emotions and reactions. If you’re unhappy, acknowledge that you’re unhappy. Don’t sweep things under the rug!

– Express your feelings in appropriate ways. This ties into the saying, “think before you act.” I used to get mad and lash out at people but I’ve realized that that only causes more problems. It’s proven that you are only actually upset for 4 seconds and the rest is brought from the thought of it. What does that mean? That means that you’re body chemically reacted for only 4 seconds when your friend blew you off but you remained upset for the whole week over it because you continued to think about it.

– Stay positive! Ask yourself if certain things are worth your attention and energy. Live is too short to be anything less than happy.

I am by no means a physical trainer, psychologist, or life coach so take everything I express with a grain of salt. I just want you to understand the importance of your overall health. Focus on you and don’t get distracted or discouraged by others people’s success. Life should only be a race with yourself. Until next time…

xoxo, B.


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