Lookbook 17

Protect Your Peace.

Acknowledge that everything is not supposed to go your way. Discomforts, anger, frustration, annoyance – all of these things are a part of your journey but you can’t let them define your experience.

Acknowledge that everything is not supposed to go your way. Discomforts, anger, frustration, annoyance – all of these things are a part of your journey but you can’t let them define your experience. The essence of who you are and what you are here for is bigger than these temporary emotions.

Protecting your peace begins the moment you awaken and acknowledge God for giving you another day. Those who do not believe in prayer may wish to give thanks in another manner. This is a significant step in protecting your peace. No one can tell you to just get over it because that’s not realistic either. Take note of who you are—remember to be thankful for what you have and for the peace and security of your family and friends. You must declare peace in your home—acknowledge your small circle and admit what you do have control over.

If you’ve been following me on this Trending Prosperity journey, you know that I have shared deep life challenges I have encountered and it all goes back to the need to protect your peace. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Velvet Lattimore, owner of Vedazzling Accessories, on what it really means to have Zen and finding your peace. Velvet started Vedazzling Accessories in June of 2011 but has been in the fashion business for 10 years. Vedazzling Accessories is a boutique based in Dumbo, Brooklyn that was created for designers of color that didn’t have a platform to express their style. Velvet is also the co-founder of a non-profit called BADA (Black Accessory Designers Alliance) that was built to “help black accessory designers by empowering them and providing technical support in the accessories business.”

I was completely in love with the healing stone necklaces in Vedazzling Accessories. The healing necklace has both green and light blue healing stones. Green is the heart chakra, or fourth chakra, and symbolizes harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. It is used to balance the vibrations of the nervous system – helping those that are in need of more energy. Light blue is the throat chakra, or fifth chakra, and it allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. It produces calm and peace for those who have fears, doubts, and uncertainties.

Whether you associate these bottoms with Aladdin or MC Hammer, the truth is that harem pants have been around way before either of those were thought about. Originating from the east over 2,000 years ago, harem pants has roots in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Iran. Vedazzling Accessories’ harem pants are imported from Morocco and the best part is that they have deep pockets. This old staple piece is something that will forever be current and can be paired with almost anything.

After speaking with Velvet and shopping Vedazzling Accessories, it became extremely important that we learn how to turn off negative messages from the media. Stand your ground against co-workers, family, and others who try to engage you in conversations that you do not want to have because they threaten to disrupt your peace. Practice this while awake, and soon, your sleep will also become more peaceful. Until next time…

xoxo, B.




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