Lookbook 16


Go To Bed, He’s Not Thinking About You 

Where in the hell did I get this title from?! Well, last Friday on my way to a meeting I ran across this crazy comparison of girls needs to a guys needs.

Where in the hell did I get this title from?! Well, last Friday on my way to a meeting I ran across this crazy comparison of girls needs to a guys needs. I originally planned on calling this lookbook something basic like ‘How To Dress in Your Boyfriends Clothes’ but then I thought to myself, so many girls have sleepless nights over their lame boyfriends and even guys they aren’t in committed relationships with… and that’s not fair! But while these boys are stealing our sleep, we’re stealing their wardrobe.

When it comes to clothes, women act like magnets around the closets of stylish men. We seem to be attracted to what you’re wearing through some strange, unexplained force of nature. What was hanging in your closet, flung on your bed, on you even – whoosh – she’s suddenly got on and is heading out the door. This clever vanishing act your female companion performs on the contents of your wardrobe can happen at any time, to nearly any article of clothing. The sweater you wanted to wear to work today? Sorry, it’s crumpled at the bottom of one of her purses (not the one she’s carrying now, of course) because she borrowed it a week ago at the movies. The sweatpants you were planning to wear to bed? She’s already got ’em on.

Where do I even begin? Which t-shirt? Every t-shirt. The best? Your oldest t-shirt. I close my eyes and daydream about the wonderfulness that is a guy’s t-shirt on my torso. You’ve spent years artfully beating the crap out of the tees in your dresser drawer, and I’d like to thank you for that on behalf of womankind. Now please let us put one on so we can snuggle next to you on the couch and watch a movie. Or even better, go out in…

It seems that it’s recently become an obsession to women, especially on the east coast, to wear “their boyfriends” baggy distressed t-shirts out to dinner, clubs, and even concerts. Why? Because it’s the sex appeal behind it. It’s the lack of effort that went into making last night’s pjs into tonight’s best-dressed outfit. I’m not sure if we can stem this mania to Rihanna’s esthetic or Kendall Jenner’s way of pairing A$AP Rocky’s 10th grade baggy tee with over-the-knee boots. But regardless of who’s to blame, I took matters into my own hands and raided H&M’s men’s section. This is a trend that I see taken into fall and carried on into next spring. So use your resources ladies, next time you’re at his house browse though his closet and grab yourself a souvenir. Until next time…

xoxo, B.





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