Online Shopping Tips – Spring 2020

Let’s be honesty, you been adding things to your cart during this quarantine with hopes that you’ll be able to wear them sometime soon. I know one of my guilty pleasures is online shopping and now with this #StayHome order I find myself indulging in it more. Are you working? Have your hours been cut? How do you afford your online shopping habit? These are all things everyone asks themselves and even their friends. Well I’m going to share with you the true tips on online shopping (whether in quarantine or not)!

First things first, what are you shopping for? Every season I do an audit on my current wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it in the last 7 months – it’s time to go! Depending on the piece and the season I’ll donate my clothes to charity, sell them via social media, give them to Good Will or even Plato’s Closet. I’ve found that over the years I tend to hoard things in good faith that I’ll eventually wear them.

The next thing to check off your list is “what do I need”. I feel like every girl finds themselves binging on online websites, adding things to their cart (whether you can afford it or not) and having things delivered to your house that you forgot you even bought. STOP DOING THIS! This is a bad habit and you will find yourself broke if you haven’t already. Look at things as quality over quantity. The best way to cut down on clutter is to find staple pieces that you can mix n’ match – regardless of your style. I for one like the nude, black and white look across my entire wardrobe so it’s a little easier for me to come up with different outfits. So here are my top tips when shopping online…

  1. Shop at retailers you trust
  2. Keep software and virus protection up-to-date and use strong passwords for online accounts.
  3. Look at trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe as needed (stay true to your style)

Where do I shop and what are apps I use?

  1. Zara
  2. Revolve
  3. ASOS
  4. The RealReal

Until next time…

xoxo, B.